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“Frank Crivelli is the ultimate professional. I had two cases with him and his firm, one involving corporate lawyers and another involving a town court. Frank’s knowledge of the law allowed him to obtain great results for me in both cases. I have recommended him to friends seeking divorce advice or when one of my son’s friends got into traffic jams. I will continue to recommend his firm’s services and I will use the firm again, in the future, if I need to.”

Cate V.

“I first met Frank Crivelli about six years ago, having been referred to him through a friend who said that he was very knowledgeable in the area of workplace discrimination.”

“My first impression with Mr. Crivelli was that he was indeed very knowledgeable and also very professional. I had been a police officer for over 30 years and I had met many attorneys during my career. I could tell immediately from Frank Crivelli’s approach and body language that he was sincere in his offer to assist in my case. Needless to say my first impression was very good.

“The firm represented me in a civil action and when our day in court came, Frank Crivelli was totally prepared. I was amazed by the volume of documents he had amassed. I am sure that the jury and judge also had the same impression as I did; that being, Frank Crivelli was a true professional, very knowledgeable and also came to court very well prepared. In addition, he made sure that I was also prepared, by having me review all the important aspects of the case. After the second day of the trial we settled, to my complete satisfaction.”

“Anyone considering being represented by the Law Offices of Crivelli, Barbati & DeRose should know that this is an exceptionally competent law firm that has the practice and experience that you will need when your day in court comes.”

Brian F. DuMont

“We have used Frank Crivelli as an attorney for the past eight years and have found his representation to be professional and beneficial. Frank’s experience and knowledge in the area of human resource law has allowed our company to save money and navigate the obstacles of changing laws and regulations. We look forward to many years of representation by the firm.”

Gary Hofing

Hofing Management & The Eagle Group

“We really thought our problem would never go away. We retained the legal services of Frank Crivelli and can confidently say he always practices a level of excellence and expertise that’s second to none. His staff was skillful, friendly and they always returned our calls and e-mails. They got the job done. Our problem was solved and our quality of life was returned to normal. Great job!”

Rick T.

“When I decided to sue for a work related injury, I was lost to say the least. That’s until I was referred to Frank Crivelli, of The Law Offices of Crivelli, Barbati & DeRose. With Mr. Crivelli’s assertive, timely and most of all knowledgeable assistance, my worries diminished when I found my way to a substantial settlement that helped my family and I to get through some tough times. Even today when I call Mr. Crivelli I know that he will be there for me for any legal questions that I might have, thanks, again.”


“Frank Crivelli is an outstanding attorney. He is an honorable, honest and a very kind person with feelings for his clients and their families. If you need an attorney to help you, then you need Mr. Crivelli on your side. I needed his expertise and was very satisfied with the professional and expert way that he presents himself. Mr. Crivelli always kept in touch with us on my case. He always seemed to have more than enough time to answer any questions we had or just to check on how I was feeling. His office staff is very professional.   With a nice smile and hello, they made sure phone messages were given and we received a very prompt response back. It has been my pleasure to write this testimonial. My family and I would recommend Frank Crivelli’s services to help anyone that might need an expert attorney.”

Ms. Peggy Zita

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